Daily Archives: August 2, 2006

It would be problematical

Suit claims governor, AG not enforcing campaign law

The suit accuses Riley and King of not enforcing a law that allows one party in a lawsuit to force judges to step down from cases if the judge has received campaign contributions from the opposing party or their lawyers that exceed a certain dollar amount set by law. The limits are $2,000 for circuit judges, and $4,000 for appeal court judges.

The problem being in that in most major cases you’d be hard pressed to find a judge who hasn’t gotten big contributions from one side or the other. Still, it seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Time to leave

Hoover considers whether to leave bus system over fee hike

I will admit that $34,742 per year seems like an awful lot for one bus route. But knowing Tony Petelos as I do, I expect he’d be happy to have the excuse to keep all those icky poor people from visiting his malls. Some people even want to take them to baseball games!

They really should

Bar urges judges be appointed

But as long as the Business Council is getting its choices elected to the state supreme court, I don’t see a change.