Daily Archives: August 3, 2006

Bad idea

Officials want plans for new State House

It’s almost $100,000 just for the plans. Alabama doesn’t need a new legislative building, it needs a new legislature.

Bad fences make bad neighbors

Sessions’ fence plan clears Senate

The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ELT’s plan to build a 370-mile triple fence at the Mexican border. It’s in an amendment to the defense spending bill. I’m not sure what a fence that’s about a fifth of the length of the border is supposed to do, actually.

A move for a very simple reason

Belk buys Parisian; Saks moving to N.Y.

Look, nobody works in the corporate offices of Saks Fifth Avenue to work in Birmingham. I mean, be reasonable. So they figured out that the way to get out of town and to New York without the shareholders complaining about the cost was to sell the corporate offices! Together with the Parisian chain, but really it’s just to get out of Birmingham. The new owners are going to start phasing out the Parisian name starting next year.