Daily Archives: August 4, 2006

Loser state celebrates talent show winners

Alabama billboards will tout state’s ‘Idols’ – American Idol – MSNBC.com

We’re so pathetic that we’re building an ad campaign around having people do well in a televised singing contest.

Fancy that

Braves bench Focus on the Family

Normally, of course, I would post Braves news at Braves Journal, but things there get really nasty when politics gets involved and I’d rather not have to deal with it. But I have to comment on this. Apparently, the team has something they call “faith days”, which are pretty much what they sound like. FotF was a part of the first one but no longer will be invited.

Commitment to gay rights by current owners Time Warner? Maybe. More likely, though, it’s because FotF is part of a coalition that opposes the team’s acquisition by Liberty Media on the grounds that that company is a “pornographer” because it owns On Demand, the company that distributes movies (most of which aren’t porn) to hotel rooms.

Okay, I’m cynical.

You will never guess why

College desegregation hearing rescheduled

Okay, get this… It was pushed back eight days because of Yom Kippur.

Does Jeff Sessions know about this?

Area Hispanic population up by 50% since 2000, data say

Maybe he could build a wall between the Alabama and the Tombigbee. The state’s hispanic population is now over 100,000 for the first time. And that’s probably underreported.