Democrats attack Riley re-election ad

Apparently, Riley is running an attack ad against Lucy Baxley, which in itself is news what with his twenty-point lead in the polls. Why would you do that to begin with? Why get in the mud if you don’t have to?

Anyway, one of the people Riley uses in the ad turns out to be a former aide to a Birmingham city councilman, an aide who — oops! — was involved in a scandal in 2004 for using a city-issued cell phone to make personal calls. Lots of personal calls. Like 4 1/2 hours a day.

2 responses to “Ethics

  1. While we’re on the subject, what happened to your Lucy Baxley banner you used to have on the right sidebar?

    Have you come over to the Dark Side with the rest of us?

  2. No, I just didn’t put it up when I converted back to Blogger.

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