Well, I’m glad that’s over

Auburn clears athletic officials in academic investigation

Yes, nobody at Auburn did anything wrong. The NCAA and SACS don’t have to investigate, their internal investigation shows that everything is just dandy.

The claim is that athletes, football players in particular, were not “steered” to the directed-reading “classes” of Prof. Thomas Petee. But a little math… 7.5 percent of those taking Petee’s “courses” were football players. There are 85 players on scholarship, 105 on the roster, at any given time. The total enrollment at Auburn last year was 23,333. Hence football players make up .45 percent of the student body. 7.5 percent is a lot more than .45 percent. I don’t have the statistical software on this computer, but I would say that this is probably a significant result.

Auburn’s Interim President for Life, Ed Richardson, says that, “Our academic reputation is far more important than all the athletic programs put together.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Petee and another professor have resigned their administrative posts but remain professors. Now, I know professors, and this is not a punishment. This is a reward. I have never yet met a professor who liked administrative work.

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