Daily Archives: August 14, 2006

Fires of Dell

Batteries to force Dell recall – Technology – International Herald Tribune

Apparently, 4.1 million notebook computers need to be recalled because they could erupt in flames. This is not considered to be a good thing. You’re never going to get your laptop onto the plane now.

Hooked on a landslide

The Alabama Democratic Party

We’re going to run away with the elections this November. It’s guaranteed. How do I know this? Two letters and one word: B. J. Thomas.

Great, lipstick

CNN.com – TSA ‘tweaks’ list of banned carry-on items – Aug 13, 2006

Two questions…

1. Nobody will answer my question about ice. I still say that ice is a solid.

2. What about chapstick?

Teach them to be "moderates"

Church fined after Cuba travel canceled

A Baptist group has been fined $34,000 (about ten percent of its operating budget) and its travel to Cuba cancelled because the Treasury Department decided that a church’s members were engaging in “tourist activities”. What are tourist activities?

  • Wearing sandals with black socks.
  • Asking if national treasures are “for sale”.
  • Complaining about the bathrooms.
  • Taking pictures during solemn events.
  • Complaining that the food isn’t as good as the food in the [ethnic group] restaurant back home.

I mock, because this is stupid, like the entire Cuba travel ban is stupid, and I half suspect is political retribution for breaking away from the Republican-dominated Southern Baptist Convention.

Sounds like the way to go

HealthSouth reveals transformation plan

They plan to spin off three of their four divisions, leaving only inpatient rehabilitation (which makes most of the company’s money). They also want to get listed on the NYSE again.