I have tickets

UA watches Ernesto as gameday approaches

And I don’t really want to go even if it’s just raining. Last projection I saw had Ernie going up through Florida.

5 responses to “I have tickets

  1. I don’t think it’s right that visiting teams can only take 60 players to a game in a place like Tuscaloosa. Some of ’em might faint dead away at first sight of 90,000+ screaming fans.

  2. That’s not our rule, that’s your conference’s rule. We brought 80 or more to Hawaii for our trips.

  3. Is that right? If that’s the case, more fool the nitwit WAC. I just automatically blame the NCAA for silly rules, they have so many.

  4. Sorry, not a conference rule, but a matter of choice.

    Alabama trip a winner

    It appears to be entirely for financial reasons. They’re funding their entire travel budget this year with this trip.

    It’s currently 96 degrees in Tuscaloosa, with a heat index of 102. The Weather Channel forecast is for 92 and a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday, but those temperature forecasts are pretty much always on the low side, and I’d expect at least mid-nineties for the high. Kickoff is at 6; last night at 9 pm it was 87 degrees.

  5. Hey, heat and humidity shouldn’t (emphasize shouldn’t) be a problem. Yesterday we were in the high 80s in both temps and the big H.

    And how silly is it that you point me to an article in my own hometown paper? I guess I just read the baseball news that day.

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