Goodbye, Larry

Democrats tell Darby to stay out of their primaries – Tuscaloosa

He says that he’s being censored for having the wrong views. And really, he is. But if he doesn’t like it he can start his own party and he can say what he wants to.

4 responses to “Goodbye, Larry

  1. It’s funny how much he is screaming that his free speech was violated. Actually, he is accepting the consequences of using his free speech.

  2. Ooh, watch out, Mac. If you criticize Larry Darby, you’ll soon get comments from “Jane Green”, “George Freeman”, “Humpty Dumpty”, etc., telling you what an idiot you are — using language remarkably similar to that of Larry Darby.

  3. And all with the same IP address? 🙂

  4. Whenever anyone starts to put together a protest when Bush comes to town, Darby jumps in front of a camera and tells everyone the “atheists” will be there. Of course the wingnut press makes that the lead and it kills any chance of getting a decent crowd.

    Darby is not only a reality challenged fool, he has the political skills of Earl “Don’t confuse me with the facts” Landgrebe.

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