Daily Archives: August 29, 2006

Too… many… jokes… overloading… brain…

CNN.com – Jessica Simpson ordered to rest voice – Aug 29, 2006

1. It wasn’t a court order, by any chance?

2. Seriously, Jess, be careful. Extra careful. Give it, oh, 30, 35 years. Just to be safe.

3. Actual quote from her publicist taken out of context: “She can’t sing.”

I have few rules

Smoot wants bounty hunters to help capture Jeffco fugitives

But one is that any headline with “Smoot” and “bounty hunter” gets a link. Even Larry Langford seems a bit dubious about Shelia [sic] Smoot’s idea.

Unfortunately, the conservatives are gaining control of the commission next year and Bettye [sic] Fine Collins will probably be the President. This means less really creative lunacy from the JeffCoComm and more repetitive right-wing lunacy, like requiring schoolteachers to take a Purity Oath or something. I am going to miss the Langford Era.

Well, mostly whine

300 see U.S. 280 plan, raise questions

“We don’t want an elevated road! Why should we have to see a highway from our expertly manicured lawns? Why can’t the peasants stay in Shelby County where they belong?”