I have few rules

Smoot wants bounty hunters to help capture Jeffco fugitives

But one is that any headline with “Smoot” and “bounty hunter” gets a link. Even Larry Langford seems a bit dubious about Shelia [sic] Smoot’s idea.

Unfortunately, the conservatives are gaining control of the commission next year and Bettye [sic] Fine Collins will probably be the President. This means less really creative lunacy from the JeffCoComm and more repetitive right-wing lunacy, like requiring schoolteachers to take a Purity Oath or something. I am going to miss the Langford Era.

2 responses to “I have few rules

  1. I’m not a Langford fan by any means, but I think JeffCo is about to get itself in some deep ultra-facist trouble. Purity tests are just a start.

  2. Is Bettye Fine Collins actually related to Russ & Dee, or just morally related?

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