Fred Phelps, chicken

No protest at soldier’s funeral; riders push motorcycles away

The Birmingham News, disingenuous. Here’s what they say about Phelps:

They were prepared to buffer Quick’s family from zealot Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kan., who has gained national attention for interrupting the funerals of American servicemen killed in Iraq, staging protests against the U.S. government. Though Phelps distributed fliers indicating he would be at Thursday’s funeral, he was a no-show.

Well, that’s an… interesting description of Phelps, isn’t it? “Protests against the U.S. government”. If you are unfamiliar with Freddie-boy, Google him; I won’t type his organization’s name. He is a rightwing homophobe and yet the News insinuates (you’d see in the full context of the article) that he is some sort of leftwing Vietnam-protesting-type hippie.

2 responses to “Fred Phelps, chicken

  1. You’re absolutely right. I’m going to link to your post. Perhaps a letter to the editor is in order as well.

  2. Hmm… I wouldn’t have caught that, but I have noticed that some right-wingers try to label Phelps as a lefty. You know, hating our troops like all liberals do 🙂

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