Monthly Archives: September 2006

Congratulations, Hoover!

MTV to tackle more `Two-A-Days’

Your children will continue to be exploited on MTV for the forseeable future!

I can understand their concern

Sex offender group worries block

A ministry is housing released sex offenders in a bunch — 26 in one building and others in the area. Five others are about to move in. Gosh. I guess you could look at it as a positive — at least you know to tell your kids to stay away from there.

This should be fun

Court workers study Spanish

How do you say “roust” in Spanish? Or “driving while Hispanic”? Or “Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos is a…” Well, you get the idea.

I don’t read Free Republic

Radio personalities Russ and Dee Fine reported fired over ‘Masonic outing’ of Alabama governor:

And I don’t know why Google sent this to me as a “news item”, but if this is true, great.

No, no, you’ve got it all wrong

Daily Kos: NH-02: “IndyNH” Was Bass’s Policy Director!

It’s not a dirty trick when Republicans pretend to be Democrats and post on Democratic sites. The simple fact is that they want to be Democrats. We should be kind to them and let them post whatever they want even if it seems insane, because they’re just trying to come to terms with their identities.

No way!

Siegelman, Scrushy seek retrial, cite jury e-mails

You mean they aren’t going to go quietly to jail? How unexpected!

Apparently, some of the jurors were exchanging emails, which is probably not supposed to happen but considering they were supposed to talk to each other sounds like a technicality at best. Also, one of them now says that he would not have voted to convict and that other jurors pressured him — but that happens all the time.

Arkansas’ spaz punter (1780666) Photoshop this Arkansas punter striking a pose

Seriously, his visualization process leaves something to be desired. (Via Roll Bama Roll.)

He’s got a book to pimp

TV Barn

Pervez Musharraf on The Daily Show tomorrow night. Seriously.

My thanks to the Republican Party

Millions of Seniors Facing Medicare ‘Doughnut Hole’ –

Really. Gushing thanks. Way to pass a bill where millions of Americans will have their benefits eliminated right before the election. We couldn’t have done something so politically suicidal, and we’re Democrats.

That seems nice… what?

After years of neglect, Linn Park statue gets facelift


Whipped for decades by wind, car exhaust and the occasional stray bullet, the statue of a beloved Birmingham teacher is slowly returning to its former luster.

Okaaaay… There are three bullet holes in the marble statue.