Oh, sure

300 bronze vases stolen from cemetery recovered

You take a bronze vase from a 2000-year-old grave and sell it to a museum, you’re an “archaeologist”. You take a new bronze vase from a new grave and sell it to a scrap dealer and you’re a “thief”. That’s hardly fair.

UPDATE: “Bob” came via an automatically generated link from Fox News. Why am I not surprised?


3 responses to “Oh, sure

  1. If you don’t see the difference in stealing vases from the graves of folks whose loved ones are still walking this earth, and taking from a “2000-year-old grave”, then you are an idiot. Or more likely, an archaeology student who thinks they know it all.
    To quote Bugs Bunny: “Heh heh heh… What a maroon!”

  2. Ooooor…. You are making a very obvious joke.

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