Daily Archives: September 19, 2006

If this war ever ends

I’m going to need a new name for my blog. I am thinking of going with Thomason Tracts. What do you think?

So crazy it’s probably true

Matthew Yglesias / proudly eponymous since 2002

Big Book Matt reports that an “anonymous individual” has told him that someone in the Vice President’s Office wants to nuke Iran’s nuclear facilities, then deny that we used anything but conventional weapons. When the radiation is picked up, we’d just say that it’s from the nukes that Iran was building.

The problem isn’t just the incompetence of this administration, it’s that too many members of it are completely and utterly insane. Stupid, too. If nothing else, the Russians would probably notice.

A reminder

weather.com – Hurricane Central

If hurricanes don’t hit the US mainland, they don’t count. So if Gordon levels the Azores, you are advised to not care. Similarly, if Helene changes course and floods Bermuda, this only becomes a problem if it affects your vacation plans. And pay no attention whatsoever to Typhoon Yagi, which isn’t even in the Atlantic.

That’s going to happen

CNN.com – Willie Nelson cited for pot, mushrooms – Sep 18, 2006

Look, if you’re a go-getting rural police officer, and Willie Nelson’s tour bus goes by, it’s an easy pot bust. I mean, the words “Willie Nelson” on the side of the bus represent probable cause.

Christopher Tolkien has gone bananas

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Unfinished Tolkien tale completed by his son

He’s used his father’s work as the bones of a novel of “The Children of Hurin”. There’s no way that this ends well. I liked “The History of Middle Earth”, but then I’m an enormous nerd.