Daily Archives: September 25, 2006

Arkansas’ spaz punter

FARK.com: (1780666) Photoshop this Arkansas punter striking a pose

Seriously, his visualization process leaves something to be desired. (Via Roll Bama Roll.)

He’s got a book to pimp

TV Barn

Pervez Musharraf on The Daily Show tomorrow night. Seriously.

My thanks to the Republican Party

Millions of Seniors Facing Medicare ‘Doughnut Hole’ – washingtonpost.com

Really. Gushing thanks. Way to pass a bill where millions of Americans will have their benefits eliminated right before the election. We couldn’t have done something so politically suicidal, and we’re Democrats.

That seems nice… what?

After years of neglect, Linn Park statue gets facelift


Whipped for decades by wind, car exhaust and the occasional stray bullet, the statue of a beloved Birmingham teacher is slowly returning to its former luster.

Okaaaay… There are three bullet holes in the marble statue.

They’re trying to tell you something

Meth labs often rigged to explode, say federal agents

That is, if the place is rigged to explode, you’re not welcome there. At any rate, adding charges of bombmaking to your drug charges isn’t going to help a whole lot and seems like an overreaction.