I can understand their concern

Sex offender group worries block

A ministry is housing released sex offenders in a bunch — 26 in one building and others in the area. Five others are about to move in. Gosh. I guess you could look at it as a positive — at least you know to tell your kids to stay away from there.

One response to “I can understand their concern

  1. Not to play devil’s advocate here, but what if we were to assume that this ministry is performing a valuable service toward the rehabilitation of those formerly incarcerated for sex crimes (which could include statutory rape, public indecency, possession of illegal pornography, etc — not just forcible rape or sexual abuse of children).

    Is it fair to them that anybody can go out an get a day care license for their home business five blocks away and then have the sheriff give them 30 days to skeedaddle?

    I’m not saying a paroled sex offender is a great neighbor, but some of these restrictions seem to go beyond reason and seem to have been passed just to capitalize on fear.

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