Daily Archives: October 4, 2006

Pathetic copycat

CNN.com – Madonna adopts baby boy in Malawi – Oct 4, 2006

Ms. Ciccone, you are not Angelina Jolie. Let it go.

Introducing… The Legiondome!

Councilwoman wants body to consider her plan to bring new life to city’s old stadium

Carole Smitherman, the president of the Birmingham City Council, wants to put a lid on top of Legion Field. To those of you not familiar with Legion:

1. It is almost 80 years old;
2. It is located in a slum (“kind of dead” according to a leader of that community);
3. The upper deck had to be removed because large parts were falling off and the next UAB game it hosted it would probably collapse, killing dozens of spectators;
4. It is very difficult to get to and not on any major roads.

Larry Langford wishes he could come up with something this crazy.