Larry Langford, spammer

Langford wields e-mails in bond quest

In a last-ditch attempt to garner support for his scholarship plan, Jefferson County Commission President Larry Langford said he had 5,000 e-mails sent to educators and residents asking them to lobby the commission to support the plan, he said.

An automated phone poll also went to homes asking residents to push buttons to give their opinions on a proposed county bond refinancing that could pay for the college scholarships.

Because if there’s anything that’s more likely to get people on your side than unsolicited email, it’s calling them at home and asking them to work through a phone maze.


2 responses to “Larry Langford, spammer

  1. I hung up on one of those phone calls last night as soon as I heard the recorded voice. The last way to get me to support anything is to call me at home.

  2. Larry Langford is an idiot!!

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