Daily Archives: October 23, 2006

No, we have to have a dome

ABC 33/40 Alabama’s News Leader – BJCC Expansion Talks Don’t Include Dome

John Rogers apparently is arguing semantics:

State Representative John Rogers of Birmingham, a long-time proponent of the dome, says even if the “d-word” wasn’t used at Friday’s meeting of convention officials, he remains committed to building a multipurpose facility and will not push for an alternative.

Says Rogers: “They can call it a Quonset hut, a dome, an expansion or whatever they want to call it.”

Ooh, I want to call it a sandwich!

Doesn’t count

al.com: NewsFlash – Hurricane Paul becomes Category 2 storm

It’s in the Pacific, so we aren’t supposed to care. The only important tropical storms are those that (a) are in the Atlantic and (b) threaten the US mainland. Since we haven’t had any of those, global warming doesn’t exist.