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(There is no such thing as the Machine)

The Crimson White Online – Grades not solely responsible for bloc seating

Suggested research topic: A history of the Crimson White‘s writings about the Machine over the years, tracing exactly what its nefarious deeds and mysterious powers are supposed to be. Currently, they are supposed to control student seating at football games. Also, probably the weather, it’s been nine on five consecutive football Saturdays.

Sure it did

Abramoff e-mail said work here aided tribe

In an email to Michael Scanlon — who has never even met Bob Riley, according to Twinkle Cavanaugh — Jack says that he praised Scanlon’s work to the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. In fact, he more or less gave Scanlon credit for getting Riley (the anti-lottery candidate) elected. A Riley spokesman says that they certainly were not celebrating Riley’s victory in 2002 but the election of some completely different Alabama governor at that time, possibly B. B. Comer.