Daily Archives: November 3, 2006

And what is he doing with it?

Strange outpaces Folsom in race for campaign cash

Not much. Honestly, he only has two types of ads.

Positive: I am tall.
Negative: Folsom is fat.

That’s it.


Oops! Shelby GOP flier backs a Democrat for PSC post

I do wonder why a county party even has to endorse anyone. Why don’t they just save money and send out “Vote Republican!” postcards. I mean, it’s not hard to tell who the Republican is in any election — they’re the ones under the elephant.

Big money

Nabers, Cobb blitz costs each $1 million

Does this seem moderately crazy to you? Over a million dollars for each side in a judicial race in a medium-size state? Why are we doing this? There has to be a better way.