He could have said that before

Shelby says Rumsfeld should have gone earlier

How’s life with the Republicans now, party-switcher? Is being in the minority fun? Just wait until 2008, when you’re really in the minority, and you’ve just spent the year campaigning on behalf of the Evil Little Troll.


3 responses to “He could have said that before

  1. Susan of LocalTint

    “That’s what a lot of us thought all along but we didn’t want to say because we didn’t want to undermine the troops, first, and we didn’t want to undermine the president.”

    Or “Well, we couldn’t speak the truth, see, cause the Democrats were already doing that…Well, that and it wasn’t popular. But now that nothing’s at stake….” F*cking douchebag.

  2. Mac, is there any credible candidate who might beat the Evil Little Troll in ’08?

  3. Artur Davis is talking about running, but after the Tennessee campaign (where Ford kicked Corker’s ass for six months only to lose fairly comfortably) I can’t see it.

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