Daily Archives: December 6, 2006

The automotive equivalent of big-ass jeans

Here is what I don’t get… These guys take these giant old cars, big hunks of Detroit iron like a 1978 two-door Ford, and they paint them a hideous color like lime green or (worse) University of Tennessee orange, and then they put these gigantic wheels on them, like SUV wheels, and drive around. Why? I mean, is there a point?

Yes, I am old.

Also, the Maine

Bush urges Americans to remember Pearl Harbor

“My fellow Americans, let us never forget this sneak attack on the United States by the Japanese, which led us to go to war against Nazi Germany. See, I’m not the only one!”

Talladega Threatdown

Bear sightings up in Talladega woods

It’s not clear if the bears are taking up permanent residence in Alabama (for the first time in more than a century) but experts say if they haven’t it’s just a matter of time. I don’t know if I’d prefer the bears wander into the federal prison and savage Richard Scrushy and/or Don Siegelman, or the racetrack and savage Jeff Gordon.