Bridge of Mystery

Black Warrior toll bridge has a new, mystery owner – Tuscaloosa

What’s worse: that our nation’s infrastructure is increasingly under the control of shadowy Australian interests, or that the shadowy Australian interests deny their involvement?

But when MIG was contacted Thursday, spokesman Paul Gregory said the company did not have anything to do with the toll bridge.

“The Black Warrior is not something that Macquarie Infrastructure Group is involved with, although it may be something one of our U.S.-incorporated funds has an interest in,” Gregory said.

If someone doesn’t come forward and claim ownership of the bridge, I will just have to declare it abandoned property and claim ownership myself.


3 responses to “Bridge of Mystery

  1. Susan of LocalTint

    And how would you name the bridge? Could you entrust the public with such a task? Via an online poll maybe?

  2. Have you thought of selling deeds for the bridge? Hmm, rename it to the Earnhardt Memorial and watch the dollars roll in Race Week.

  3. There’s a toll bridge over the Black Warrior? Man, you graduate in 1994 and everything changes!

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