Daily Archives: January 5, 2007

Not Without My Border Fence

Sessions fears for Mexican border fence’s fate

Poor Jeffie. Those nasty Democrats are going to take away funding from his baby and give it to poor people or something. He’s not going to stand for it, though what he’s going to do about it is pretty hard to figure. Maybe he’s planning to raise a violent revolution or something.

There are certain problems with this

Langford explores mayoral campaign

Larry Langford wants to run for mayor of Birmingham, a city of which he is not what is technically called “a resident”. Which is a shame, because he feels that the city could use his brand of madness “aggression and vision”:

“This city lacks aggression and vision,” he said. “Those are not always popular terms, but they are necessities if you want to turn this ship around.”

Langford, 59, said, “Aggression is what made Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte and other cities who have taken their own future by the horns, successful.”


He is still very fat

Studdard issues weight-loss challenge

I mean, he’s not as fat as he was, but he’s fatter than I am, and I’m pretty fat. If he can get down to under 300, then he can challenge us.