Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Another council member quits, town can’t get quorum

Another council member quits, town can’t get quorum

Roland Collins sat silently in the back of the Argo Town Council chamber with a brown paper bag over his head.

Collins said he wore the bag – once a gimmick used by a stand-up comic and then adopted by disgruntled sports fans – to illustrate his disgust with the council. He called himself ‘the unknown citizen.’

Apparently, nobody will stay on the Argo Town Council. But with constituents like this, who can blame them?


Democrats prevail

The Birmingham News talks about the failure of a “bipartisan” group to take control of the Alabama Senate. “Bipartisan” here, as in Washington, means that Republicans are in charge with the help of a few Democratic quislings. Screw that.


Langford seeks site for NBA

Larry Langford’s Latest: He wants to bring a basketball team to Birmingham. I seriously doubt that the NBA would return his interest. We couldn’t even keep a CBA team.