Daily Archives: January 16, 2007

The United Kingdom of Britain, Northern Island… And France?!?!?!?

France and UK considered 1950s ‘merger’ | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

I don’t think British-French union was ever in the cards (for one thing, France is slightly larger than the UK, or is now and I assume was more so then) but the idea of France joining the Commonwealth is very interesting. It’s easy to see that then expanding to other European countries joining the Commonwealth, and a European union quite unlike the current EU, under British leadership, coming together decades before.

Though I’m guessing Ireland would get left out of that.

(Via Kevin Drum.)

I don’t post about Iraq much

Bombs kill 60 at Baghdad university – CNN.com

Can you blame me? There is literally nothing good about this situation. 60 dead in this bombing, so far. It just goes on and there’s no end in sight and the President has decided that it is never going to end, not on “his watch”, and maybe we’ll invade Iran too just for kicks.