Return of Faith-based crime prevention

Nunn enlists faithful in fight against crime

Birmingham’s chief of police wants:

to get local churches, mosques and temples involved in rebuilding the community by supporting mentoring programs, clean-ups, neighborhood revitalization and programs to help former inmates successfully return to society.

Which is actually a pretty good idea. I am struck, however, by the name: The Nehemiah Project. Didn’t Nehemiah build a wall? Yes, the story mentions it — he built the walls of Jerusalem. Does Chief Nunn see Birmingham as one big gated community now?


2 responses to “Return of Faith-based crime prevention

  1. Harking back to Heinlein’s future history, the theocrat/dictator of the US was named Nehemiah Scudder. Coincidence?

  2. Of course, the would-be murders would only have to walk around the city once a day for six days and then seven times on the seventh day, find a trumpet and there goes that wall.

    Didn’t the Bible say Jericho burned after that?

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