Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

He’s very tall

ESPN.com – NBA – Ex-NBA center Amaechi announcing he’s gay in book

He’s also English, basketball’s most prominent Englishman. This only reinforces the suspicion held by most American men that all Englishmen are actually gay.

Birmingdome update

Rogers wants Jeffco to up ante for BJCC

I’ve noticed that the News now refers to the Birmingdome as the “BJCC expansion” rather than the Dome. Apparently, the Dome isn’t that popular. Hmm. Anyway, State Rep. John “Horse Track” Rogers wants to make the county pay $15 million a year ($5 million a year more than the previous commitment that they’re not actually paying right now) towards the Dome. Since the majority of the County Commission is anti-Dome, he would force this by threatening to repeal the county’s half-cent occupational tax, which generates $60 million a year.


Pastor wants plea deal for arsonists

You mean you actually bought all that “love your neighbor, forgive your enemies” stuff? What did they teach you in seminary, rev?