Birmingdome update

Rogers wants Jeffco to up ante for BJCC

I’ve noticed that the News now refers to the Birmingdome as the “BJCC expansion” rather than the Dome. Apparently, the Dome isn’t that popular. Hmm. Anyway, State Rep. John “Horse Track” Rogers wants to make the county pay $15 million a year ($5 million a year more than the previous commitment that they’re not actually paying right now) towards the Dome. Since the majority of the County Commission is anti-Dome, he would force this by threatening to repeal the county’s half-cent occupational tax, which generates $60 million a year.

3 responses to “Birmingdome update

  1. Newspaper Hack

    Haven’t they been at this for 30 years?

    When I made a trip to Tuscaloosa in ’04, I saw a big thing on the dome on the front page of the News.

    I called my mom (B’ham resident, ’59-’89), who promptly laughed her ass off.

  2. It will never end. If they actually built it, they’d turn around and talk about how they needed to replace it with a newer, bigger dome with more boxes.

  3. It would be political suicide for any Republican member of the County Commission to support the dome. Rogers could threaten to take $600 million dollars away from the county and it wouldn’t change a single vote on that commission.

    (There is one caveat: a Republican who is not running again might vote for the dome. This would be similar to Mary Buckalew’s vote for raising our already high sales-tax)

    Even if there is no dome there is another brilliant project sure to bring plenty of much-needed revenue to Jefferson County: the elevated-expressway on 280. I mean who would not want to live, work, or build a business beside a beautiful elevated highway?

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