Daily Archives: February 20, 2007

Hay is for horses. And cattle.

Hay crisis makes some farmers bail out

So last summer — you remember summer? — there was a drought. And because of the drought, there was less hay for farmers to store, and now many of them are out of hay, which is forcing them to sell off their cattle. It’s rough on horse owners, too. Many farmers are going out of business.

If global warming existed — which, of course, it doesn’t — it would be a good thing, right?

What can I say?

Driver believed killed in fire as propane truck and train collide

Truck accidents are on my beat, so I guess I should cover this. This wasn’t, apparently, a race-the-train incident. The driver just went off the road and into the side of the train. I am guessing that we will eventually find out that the driver or the company was doing something profoundly unsafe, and that the company will get some sort of piddling fine.