Daily Archives: February 26, 2007

Come to the student center for all your getting-shot needs

The Crimson White Online – Fight in Ferguson Center leads to shooting

They were non-student teenagers, for what that’s worth. Two of “the people involved” — I’m not sure if that just includes the ones getting shot or other people — were employees of the University food service. Also, two of the three required treatment, raising the question of what kind of gunshot injury would not require medical attention. Personally, if I were scratched by a bullet, I would make sure I got treated, but then I’m a wuss.

Someone at the paper is having fun

Study looks at options for city schools

The T-News puts up their story about possible school closings with this graphic:

Yes, closing schools is now apparently the equivalent of eating children. Or something like that. I’d like to think that this is intentional satire by some clever person at the design desk but it’s probably not.

Of course there’s a Wikipedia article on pointy hats

Pointy hat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I’m running a program on Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope tomorrow. And I am really bad at coming up with questions. Anybody got any suggestions?