The Pleasant Grove Tapes

Students taped to chairs by substitute

I can guarantee that some people think this is a good idea. I should point out that these are fourth-graders, and that one of the kids also had his mouth taped shut. And that he’s asthmatic.

4 responses to “The Pleasant Grove Tapes

  1. e. nonee moose

    Hey, I know I’m the resident fascist but even I can’t get behind this crap…

  2. I understand a sub needs only a high school diploma, background check and an application sent thru the local board of education?

  3. e. nonee moose

    It’s amazing what a background check *won’t* reveal about a person…

  4. I’m a substitute teacher in the Tuscaloosa County schools, and while I’d never allow students to even tape their own mouths shut (a lawsuit would be a hassle right now), I wouldn’t say it’s not tempting.
    And Walt, unless you have 2 years of college, at least here in Tuscaloosa County, you also have to have a letter of recommendation from a local principal.

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