Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

Support our crooked ex-governors

Bill would let Guy Hunt collect $36,000 a year

Hunt doesn’t get a pension — what with the felony conviction that removed him from office — so they want to call him a “governor’s councilor” and give him $3000 a month. Will Siegelman get the same treatment?

Red Stick

After debate, funds OK’d for conference

So the Birmingham city schools are all underfunded? Time for a road trip! Let’s spend nearly $200K to send a bunch of neighborhood officers to Baton Rouge for a conference!

I hate this state sometimes

Bill would let counties raise gas tax 6 cents for roads

What do you do when gas prices are already nearly $2.50 a gallon? Raise gas taxes! Okay, the bill probably won’t pass, but it’s just insane to start such a regressive tax now, especially when at the same time the governor is proposing tax cuts.