Daily Archives: March 26, 2007

I wish it were so

Daily Kos: AL-Sen: Introducing Ron Sparks

Swing State Project’s James L takes a look at Alabama Agriculture and Industry Commissioner and veteran Ron Sparks, otherwise known as the guy that can take out Sen. Jeff Sessions in a tough Southern state.

Sessions is beneath contempt. And I wish Sparks could beat him. I just don’t see it. Alabama’s not just a tough Southern state, it’s now probably the most conservative and most Republican (in statewide elections) of the South.

The peculation of David Stockman

Ex-Collins & Aikman cheif [sic] charged with fraud – Mar. 26, 2007

I saw the link “Ex-Reagan budget chief charged” and said to myself, “Oh, please let it be David Stockman!” and it was! I hope he shares a cell with Scrushy.

In which I plant tomatoes in my car

1. Seeds need what to sprout? Heat and moisture, right?
2. So where is a better place to plant tomato seeds than in a watered pot which I keep in my car, since my car is going to be 100 degrees at noon thanks to the heat and the sun?

This is crazy, right?

School’s out forever

No closing list until tests over

The Birmingham Board of Education — which is kind of like the Birmingham City Council if the City Council were completely inept — won’t vote on what schools will close (they’re being forced to close some because the state thinks that the current ones aren’t overcrowded enough) until after testing, because schools are now run for the expressed purpose of having standardized tests. That’s all they’re for. Anyway, apparently last time they closed schools, students got all depressed and did worse on their tests. But after the testing is over, who cares if the students are depressed? We have tests to prepare.

And yet, nobody noticed

Northern Irish power deal marks ‘new era’ – CNN.com

You would think that a power-sharing deal between the Unionists and Sinn Fein would be all over the news. But it doesn’t seem to be. I guess we’ve moved on. Bigger and better terrorism elsewhere.

That will come in handy

Alabamians beat nation in Biblical knowledge

Thanks to our advantage over the heathen hordes in Biblical knowledge, Alabama will be competitive in the fast-growing Bible Trivia industry.

The grass fights back

1999 Jasper bomb case still open

Jeez, somebody put a bomb in a lawnmower? That’s pretty hard-core.