I wish it were so

Daily Kos: AL-Sen: Introducing Ron Sparks

Swing State Project’s James L takes a look at Alabama Agriculture and Industry Commissioner and veteran Ron Sparks, otherwise known as the guy that can take out Sen. Jeff Sessions in a tough Southern state.

Sessions is beneath contempt. And I wish Sparks could beat him. I just don’t see it. Alabama’s not just a tough Southern state, it’s now probably the most conservative and most Republican (in statewide elections) of the South.


4 responses to “I wish it were so

  1. e. nonee moose

    Sessions would probably have to sell crack to kids while dressed as nun to lose this election.

  2. Sessions would only be selling the crack because Jesus told him to; and to raise money for his fence to keep “the illegals” out.

    Sessions was one of the national GOP’s golden boys a few years ago, so I don’t expect they’d let him go into a real fight without support.

    All the more reason for a good candidate to go after him — challenge him! With a real campaign, not the Lucy Baxley(tm) “Vote for (yawn) Me” approach.

  3. I should add that I think that there’s a reasonable chance that Sessions won’t be the incumbent when the election rolls around. If Gonzalez steps down, Sessions has to be on the AG list. Bush is going to have trouble getting a new AG confirmed, but deference to fellow Senators would mitigate that.

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