Daily Archives: March 27, 2007


HBO, BBC discover ‘Einstein’ project

1. It’s a TV movie about Einstein and his theory of relativity.
2. Einstein will be played by Anthony “Gollum” Serkis.
3. Arthur Eddington will be played by David “Doctor Who” Tennant.

I am so geeked out by this I might even spring for HBO.

The comedy stylings of police Cmdr. Chris Tennant

Police: Man swiped 1,500 women’s undies – CNN.com

So this perp stole 93 pounds of underwear from apartment complex laundry rooms. Cmdr. Tennant really enjoys his job:

“He said he had a problem,” Tennant said…

“We were kind of concerned about how to match up bras and panties with victims,” Tennant said. “Based on the unique descriptions from a couple of women, we can tie him to those thefts.”

The underwear will be held as evidence until the case is resolved, after which their disposition is uncertain, Tennant said.

“Would you really want them back?” he asked. “I would say not.”

Well, probably not, no. But I’m really curious about these “unique descriptions”.

Why did she start wearing one?

Woman stopped wearing girdle of live crocodiles – CNN.com

So apparently a woman tried to cross the border between Egypt and Gaza — only one of the most heavily guarded and inspected crossings in the world — with three live crocodiles strapped to her waist. I suppose it’s not the most dangerous thing that someone in that part of the world has had strapped to their body, but it’s still pretty scary.

(h/t Meryl.)

That does seem shady

Residents fight sale of old City Hall site

Apparently, the city of Homewood sold its old City Hall to a developer for $1.1 million even though the site was valued at $2 million, and the city attorney says that that’s okay because they don’t have to follow the state law about selling to the highest bidder. Generally, when a government agency — or anyone — sells property for less than the going rate, there is some nefarious reason.

My car is greenish-yellow

There’s how much pollen?

Which is weird, because the registration says it’s black.

Anyway, there’s a whole lot of pollen. Nobody knows how much for sure, because there’s no pollen monitor in Birmingham.