Daily Archives: April 2, 2007

Hall of Lame

ESPN.com – NBA – Lakers’ Jackson leads 2007 Hall of Fame class

So the Basketball Hall of Fame in glamourous Springfield, MA will induct:

Five coaches, including two “international” ones and one from the fricking WNBA;
A referee;
A team, the Texas Western national champs from 1966 (the first all-black NCAA champions, who should have been in already);
No actual players.

It’s a sign of a bad Hall of Fame process when they’re so willing to honor everyone except the people who do the actual work.

Someone smells blood

Attorney general takes over Stokes murder case

“Troy King” took over a Bibb County murder case, which is his right as AG but not something anyone in Bibb County, on either side, wanted. This being Troy King, it’s obvious that he’s doing this because he thinks there’s a possibility of getting the defendant executed, which is why he does most things.