Daily Archives: April 12, 2007

Please pass this bill.

District Dispatch – Post details: Support Loan Forgiveness for Librarians (Librarian Act of 2007)

Now this is an issue I can get behind. If he’d expand it from public and school libraries serving the underprivileged to academic libraries serving them, I nominate Jack Reed for President.

Fish romance

Captured sturgeon awaits partner

I kinda doubt that the sturgeon is waiting. It’s mostly just swimming around and eating, like fish do. It’s a fish! Anyway, the scientists are looking for a female. Like scientists do.

This is always fun

Senate expected to debate apologizing for slavery

The real value in these slavery-apology resolutions is waiting for some Republican to say something really stupid. I don’t know which one, but I’m guessing Gerald Allen.

Stealth Dome apparently dead

Minds changing on deal for arena

Three of the five commissioners against it; Larry Langford only for it if he can get renovations to the eighty-year-old deathtrap that is Legion Field. So this idea looks to be toast.

CC President Bettye Fine Collins had been for it, but now she fears for the Jefferson County Occupational Tax, and will only support the Stealth Dome if the legislature reiterates support for the tax.