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Catapult Boy, no!

Catapult boy is eaten after taunting crocodile in pen-News-World-Asia-China-TimesOnline

A word of advice: Don’t taunt crocodiles. They’re mean. Alligators are warm and fuzzy in comparison. Well, not exactly warm and fuzzy, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, this kid, in southern China, was one of several children who decided it would be a good idea to abuse some crocodiles, beating them with sticks and shooting at them with a catapult. This is a very bad idea, though it led to this great line:

Investigators searched for the missing boy and decided to check inside the crocodiles.

H/T: Meryl.

It’s not exactly a surprise

ABC News: Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin Dies

He was 76, and really the surprise is that he lasted this long. Considering that Russian male life expectancy is only about 61 (up from 58 or 59) he did pretty well.

We have to do something

ABA judge election bill to be introduced

There are several bills to do something about the awful, awful system Alabama has for electing judges. Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb looked around the courtroom and found herself surrounded by Republicans, leading her to introduce a bill for nonpartisan judicial elections and another to allow vacancies in any court to be filled by appointment. These would require constitutional amendments, like almost everything else in this state. She has two other bills to require nonpartisan elections which would need only approval from the legislature and the governor’s signature.

The Alabama Bar Association, meanwhile, has a bill which would have judges on the Supreme Court and the two top appeals courts be appointed, but then have to run in periodic up-or-down approval elections. If the judge loses, the committee would send a new group of appointees from which the governor will choose one. 15 other states use this method.

Are you sure?

DHR wants more to apply for food stamps

I mean, we have a Republican administration. It seems like an odd thing for them to do.

Fun with grammar:

“A significant portion of those not enrolled is elderly people,” O’Neal said.

This is correct — “portion” is singular — but it looks goofy.