Daily Archives: April 25, 2007

Not exactly the same

Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet – CNN.com

I mean, it’s like saying I’m like Brad Pitt because we’re both humanoid bipeds and all the other comparisons are to trees. This planet is five times Earth’s mass, with 1.6 times the surface gravity, it orbits a red dwarf, and is tidally locked — that is, it always has the same face to its sun. I seriously doubt that complex life could exist on the surface of a tidally locked planet.

They who supplied it…

Steel plant uses billboard to deflect blame for odors

The steel plant out in Holt has leased a billboard to deny that they are the source of the Smell that occasionally drifts around the area in the mornings. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management says it’s probably the nearby asphalt plant.

Republicans not sorry for slavery

Legislators pass two resolutions on slavery

The Senate voted on its own resolution after the House vote yesterday. I’m not sure that this whole thing is necessary, but once it’s on the table you kind of have to vote yes. Unless you’re a Republican. They all voted no or abstained.