This will never end

Aruba yard searched for second day in [H*ll*w*y] case –

I had a rule that I would never talk about N*t*l** H*ll*w*y, but new site, new rules. Anyway, this case is going to last forever. In the year 2176, scuba divers will be searching for N*t*l** H*ll*w*y where the now-flooded island of Aruba once was. The search for Osama bin Laden should be so diligent. I, personally, hold to my brother’s opinion that N*t*l** H*ll*w*y is alive and well in Mexico, having fled from her obviously insane mother.

11 responses to “This will never end

  1. e. nonee moose

    I’m surprised it’s still not the main story on Nancy Grace every night.

    Also, ever notice how this story seems eerily like a David Lynch movie?

  2. When you’re investigating a crime, you have to look at who has profited from it. Therefore, it seems obvious that Nancy Grace is the perpetrator.

  3. Oh my. I was going to agree with you, but now I’d be second fiddle to Bill’s cui bono argument.

    That premise is certainly good enough for a lousy novel. Think Danielle Steele would be interested?

  4. Mac Thomason

    Okay, here’s the plot: Nancy Grace paid N*t*l** H*ll*w*y $100K to fake her own death. But N*t*l** H*ll*w*y has now started to run low on money and starts harassing Grace for more… so Grace kills her for real, skeletonizes her somehow, and dumps her in the backyard, then tips off the cops.

    I see Grisham, not Steele.

  5. I don’t know if money was involved, I think that NH may have simply stumbled upon Nancy’s secret, and paid for that mistake with her life.

  6. Nancy Grace. I swear I hate that B.

  7. Yeah, and then they get one of those CSI or CSI clones or whatever you call those disgusting TV shows that dig up bodies of people murdered in the most gruesome manner, then piece that gruesome murder together bit by bit, using flashbacks, until you get the entire scene just before arresting the murderer.

    Which is why I don’t watch those shows. Heroes is as much violence as I can stand.

    Do you watch Heroes, Mac? It’s in the Buffy league, it’s that good.

  8. Mac Thomason

    I love Heroes. Last night probably moved it into my #1 position. The episode was apparently inspired by an X-Men sequence, but reminded me a lot of “Dopplegangland” (the alternate-universe episode of Buffy, with vampire Willow and Xander), but that may be a case of common source material.

  9. Heroes is the shiznit. Last night’s episode took me by surprise. I’m usually good at picking up on cues, but when that whole thing happened with Claire and the Prez, I was like, “No way!”

    It was also cool to finally see the mopey brother act like a seasoned bad-ass.

  10. Also, the whole “destroy some of New York to unite humanity” plotline is straight out of Watchmen. Of course, the treatment of muties by the government is an X-Men thing.

  11. Michael Bowen

    I’ve always seen the NH story more akin to a David Lynch’s Twin Peaks than anything by Steele or Grisham.

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