Learn your singulars and plurals

Ex-Bush official calls for social change- al.com

Normally I would just mock anyone associated with George W. Bush who claims he wants to make the world a better place, but I have bigger fish to fry.

Samford University alumni and former Bush Administration official Eric L. Motley told graduates Saturday they can make a difference amid an enormous array of world ills.

Alumnus. The singular is “alumnus”, or for a woman “alumna”. “Alumni” is plural.


One response to “Learn your singulars and plurals

  1. Newspaper Hack

    Yes – that bit of Latin is something I always make sure to get right in my stories. That, and the correct way to reference the Confederate flags. I always cringe when the rebel flag (the rectangular version of the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, which was the CSA’s naval jack and has no place on land – or at sea, either, after 1865) is called “the Stars and Bars.” When I was in elementary school, I knew that the Stars and Bars was the First National Flag. But I’m just a bitter historian at heart.

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