Daily Archives: May 28, 2007

Threat level pink

Alabama Lists Gays Among Terrorist Groups

The state of Alabama’s Department of Homeland Security had a website up listing organizations to watch as possibly spawning terrorists. Among them were gay rights groups and anti-war organizations. Terrorism from these groups seems… well, unlikely. Of course, we’re talking Alabama Republicans here, and gays and anti-war people are notoriously icky.

It also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and pro-lifers. Now, I don’t know what groups they included here — knowing this state, we’re talking the Sierra Club. But there have been terrorist incidents from all three, and the only major act of terrorism in Alabama was by a pro-life freak. Still.

That’s just mean

Thieves hinder church reconstruction | TideSports.com

Someone stole a trailer full of tools from the site where one of the churches the three morons burned down is being rebuilt.