Threat level pink

Alabama Lists Gays Among Terrorist Groups

The state of Alabama’s Department of Homeland Security had a website up listing organizations to watch as possibly spawning terrorists. Among them were gay rights groups and anti-war organizations. Terrorism from these groups seems… well, unlikely. Of course, we’re talking Alabama Republicans here, and gays and anti-war people are notoriously icky.

It also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and pro-lifers. Now, I don’t know what groups they included here — knowing this state, we’re talking the Sierra Club. But there have been terrorist incidents from all three, and the only major act of terrorism in Alabama was by a pro-life freak. Still.

4 responses to “Threat level pink

  1. Well, you know those gay rights groups — always blowing things up. Oh, right. They don’t. Never mind.

  2. Among my lists of potential terrorist groups are the Alabama Christian Coalition, Southern Baptist convention, The Vatican, Ann Coulter, Fox News. Shall I go on? Offended anyone yet? Notice I said “potential.” Each group still has the chance to redeem themselves. Hold your breath!

  3. “Threat Level Pink” may go down as your wittiest headline ever

  4. “‘Threat Level Pink’ may go down as your wittiest headline ever”

    He’s done better.

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