Daily Archives: June 6, 2007

Nobody cares really

Voters approve amendments by wide margins- al.com

There were some amendments up for votes but I don’t know anything about them and most people didn’t even notice that there was an election. I didn’t vote.

It turns out the hurricanes are in the Middle East

Powerful cyclone pounds Mideast oil region – CNN.com

Which means, of course, higher oil prices. What doesn’t? Anyway, Tropical Cyclone “Gonu” is expected to hit Iran tomorrow or Friday. Since record keeping began in 1945, no tropical cyclone has ever hit Iran. Of course, since it’s not the US mainland, this doesn’t count as evidence of an increase in hazardous tropical weather.

You don’t have to SHOUT


The Birmingham Water Works is about to declare a level three emergency, in which automatic sprinklers are banned (about time) and there are surcharges for excess water use. Typically, water use has risen during the last few weeks even as people have been asked to voluntarily conserve. Alabama rainfall since January 2005 is more than 47 inches below normal, or what normal used to be. Where are those damned hurricanes?