Daily Archives: June 19, 2007

Okay, these are okay commandments

Vatican issues 10 Commandments for drivers – CNN.com

But I can do better.

I. Thou shalt not drive slow in the fast lane.
II. Thou shalt remember to use thy turn signals to turn and merge, yet also remember to turn them off after merging is complete.
III. Thou shalt not tailgate.
IV. Thou shalt use only one parking space at a time.
V. Thou shalt not sit in thy car and block traffic while holding a conversation with someone outside thy car.
VI. Thou shalt not talk on thy cell phone whilst driving.
VII. Thou shalt move up to the middle of the intersection when at a turn with no turn light, and not wait for the road to clear, which it shalt not, but instead thou shalt turn at the end of the cycle.
VIII. Thou shalt take the W sticker off thy SUV, for they are just embarrassing at this point.
IX. Honor thy father and thy mother, but gently suggest to them that if they can not see over their dashboards that perhaps it is time to stop driving.
X. Thou shalt look both ways before moving from a stop sign.

Of course they won’t

High court won’t hear state Death Row claims- al.com

Who cares that people facing death don’t have legal representation? All the better! We can execute them faster this way. Why doesn’t Bush just appoint “Troy King” to the Supreme Court and be done with it?