Great, another one

Sentencing hearing for Scrushy, Siegelman could be like a mini-trial, lawyers say-

Here’s what I hope: I hope that Siegelman’s lawyers try to subpoena Karl Rove. Wouldn’t that be great? At any event, the sentences that the government is asking for do seem a bit long; Siegelman, for one, is 61 and a 30-year sentence is essentially life.

2 responses to “Great, another one

  1. I would absolutely love it if Siegelman subpoenaed Rove.

  2. I would love to see Rove subpoenaed also. And it is my fervent wish that the public begins to see the connection between Rove’s sleaze and the corruption that has been going on for some time in Alabama’s Republican-dominated state courts.
    Rove helped shape our courts in the 1990s, and he left us with a heap of sleaze.

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