Daily Archives: June 26, 2007

George Will is a jackass

Media Matters – George Will: Wallace’s 1968 presidential campaign spoke “for people furious about the ’60s tumults”

“Aggrieved minority”, huh? Jackass. (Via Atrios.)

Still waiting on the hurricane

Drought puts 90% of state in `extreme,’ `exceptional’ status- al.com

The outlook for Alabama farmers is “grim”. I don’t think that is on an official scale, but it would be neat if it was. Here’s the farm scale as I see it:

POOR: Far higher than usual crop yields.
AWFUL: Higher than usual crop yields.
BLEAK: Usual crop yields.
DIRE: Slightly lower than usual crop yields.
GRIM: Far lower than usual crop yields.
VILE: No crops.
WE’LL GET BY SOMEHOW: All life on planet extinguished.

It’s the traffic

Crowd opposes Hoover Muslim center plan- al.com

And not because they’re Muslims. People in Hoover love Muslims but they hate traffic more.

Nobody spoke in favor of the center, not even to say that snarky bloggers will make them look like ignorant redneck peckerwoods for opposing the project.

Happy Bigfeet

Giant penguins may have roamed Peru – Yahoo! News

A five-foot-tall penguin with a “long sharp beak” that was “remarkably spearlike”. Who’s cute now, huh?

(Via Meryl.)