Spahn and Sain and…

Riley proclamation urges Alabamians: Pray for rain – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

You have got to be kidding me.

I should add that he’s asking for prayers through July 7, so people are supposed to pray for rain on the Fourth of July? There goes that picnic.


2 responses to “Spahn and Sain and…

  1. ha, we were on that last year. This year it’s been raining, but the water system broke.

    Nice title, btw, and thanks for the responses re: Siegelman at Yglesias’s.

  2. Mac Thomason

    We got a real downpour in Tuscaloosa yesterday. This is before the week of prayer, which suggests God is telling everyone that He’ll take care of it.

    No problem. As I said above, I have mixed feelings about this sentence. Scrushy definitely and Siegelman probably should be in jail, but these charges look trumped up.

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